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Brides Want to Know: Green Centerpieces

edited by Jolene Rae Harrington

We often get questions from stressed-out brides, worried about everything from receiving-line protocol to last-minute venue changes. More often than not, we turn to our trusted Certified By The Guide wedding professionals for the answers.

For centerpieces, I was thinking of using potted plants because I like the idea of something that lives on after the wedding. My colors are Wedgwood blue and cream. Will all that green still work?
—Sandi S., Danville

Nancy Liu Chin DesignsNancy Liu Chin provides an interesting perspective on decorating with green. “To a florist, green is like white or black—it’s neutral and works with everything. My favorite living centerpiece actually involves wheatgrass. Its fresh, vibrant shade works with most color schemes. For your particular motif, Sandi, a blue vase with potted blue mophead hydrangeas would be lovely. If you prefer a more contemporary look, have your florist fill a glass container with potted plants, then finish the glass by wrapping it with a satin ribbon in your colors.”

For Patricia Gibbons, living centerpieces are an invitation to “embrace the many shades of green—apple, spring, sage and variegated—which look very refreshing with blue and cream.” Pat suggests using micro-mini rose plants, “and pillar candles in your chosen colors for a lively and affordable way to enhance your display.”

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