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Celtic Headpiece Glossary

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Having a Celtic wedding? You’ll need to know your headpiece choices:


TiaraIn modern times, the tiara is generally a semi-circular band open in the back, usually of metal and sometimes decorated with beads or gem stones. It can be worn high on the head, or on the forehead like a circlet. This style of tiara is often seen as head adornment in a wedding ceremony or hand-fasting.


CircletA circlet is a crown without the arched pieces that connect to an ornament at the top or the fabric cap attached to the inside. Many crowns throughout history have been circlet in style, and today, this is the most popular form of crown used in weddings, rituals, renaissance fairs, Celtic festivals, and in quality costumes. Tiaras with chain in the back that completes the circle are technically circlets.


CrownMost people looking for crowns may not be aware that what they are most likely looking for is a tiara or circlet. A crown is a circlet with the arched pieces that connect to an ornament at the top or the fabric cap attached to the inside.


A small crown consisting of ornaments attched to a metal ring. Unlike a crown, a coronet never has arches. A common example of a coronet can be seen on “Liberty Head” coins.

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