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9 Steps to Beautiful Wedding Day Hair

by Katie Summers and Paola Fioramonte, courtesy of

The crowning glory your wedding day look is your hairstyle. And to ensure that you get the best results for your wedding hairstyle, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

articles_alt1. Start With A Picture
Having a picture of the style that you want is the easiest way to guarantee that you communicate to your stylist what kind of bridal hairstyle it is that you are after and that you get exactly the style that you want.

2. Plan Around Your Accessories
Planning your hairstyle to complement your accessories (such as an up-do to show off your necklace and earrings) is the perfect way to add sophistication to your bridal style. And don’t forget to bring your headpiece with you so you and your hairstylist can experiment!

3. Incorporate Your Wedding Flowers
Placing flowers in your hair is a popular and classic wedding hairstyle tip. You can also ask your stylist which hair color will enhance and complement the shade of your flowers.

articles_alt4. Have a Wedding Consultation
Talk to your stylist about what hairstyles your hair type and texture can pull off and what you can/may need to do (extensions, etc.) to achieve the hairstyle you want.

5. Remember All the Angles
It’s not just your front section on show—the back and sides of your style need to be just as perfect. The back of your head, after all, is what most of the guests at your ceremony will see.

6. Speak Your Mind (But Keep It Open)
When working with your stylist to plan your wedding hairstyle, don’t be afraid to tell them if you don’t like what they’ve suggested or the way something is done. This is your day, after all, and your hairstyle should look exactly how you want it to. If your stylist does, however, have some good advice, it’s worth being willing to listen.

7. Ensure It’s Weather Proof
There’s nothing worse than having your hair styled into your perfect look only to have it fall flat due to the weather. Avoid problems by selecting a style suitable for the location and season that your wedding takes place.

8. Match the Theme
Match your hairstyle to the theme of your wedding. An elegant wedding deserves elegant hair—like an elaborate up-do accented with hair jewelry. A more casual affair calls for a less formal though equally stunning hairstyle, such as chic, glossy curls.

9. Hair + Dress
The best way to see if your bridal style will suit you and your beautiful wedding dress is to do your hair similar to the way that you want it styled when having your dress fitting. This way you can see if your hair is the perfect match for your dress.

—Katie Summers and Paola Fioramonte, courtesy of


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