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Scott A. Nelson Photography

Wedding Photographer
Main Office Location:
27762 Forbes Road, Suite 16
Laguna Niguel, California 92677

Contact: Scott A. Nelson
Phone: 949/207-3448 (office) or 310/779-7218 (cell)
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Service Area:

All of Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

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Scott A. Nelson sees things in an artistic way and he realizes his creative vision through a variety of lenses (zoom, macro, fisheye) and cameras. He’s a master of infrared photography, producing romantic images that convey warmth, depth and texture. They’re often downright magical, too. He gets so much done and yet manages to make it seem effortless. “God gave me wide shoulders so that I can carry four cameras,” he laughs.

Sophisticated, playful, at times a subtle mixture of both—his work is characterized by a realism and honesty that make each shot shine. “I get a thrill out of surprising and pleasing my clients,” he admits. “I want to make sure that what I give them is a pure reflection of their personalities, of the way they envision the day.”

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About This Company

Some might say it’s a calling. Clearly, when it comes to documenting that special day, Scott Nelson’s the man for the job. Ground zero, he says, was at age ten when a photographer paid a visit to his school. He selected Scott as his assistant. “There are pictures of me surrounded by his camera equipment,” he remembers. Scott was hooked. He took photography classes, shot all through high school. “I just loved it,” he says. “I knew I would excel in it.”

Today, this charismatic professional does just that, pleasing brides and grooms with a talent, demeanor, and attention to detail that keeps him in demand. “He’s number one on the short list,” says a wedding coordinator who loves working with him. “Anyone can take a picture and hand it over. Scott finds those bride-photographed-through-the-keyhole-in-the-staircase moments. He’s so good, he’s actually doing my brother’s wedding this summer.” “He uses great angles and techniques,” says another colleague. “I’ve witnessed a lot of brides who have been blown away by his work.”

You can be confident that if you book Scott or one of his photographers, you’ll end up with stunning images!

Scott A. Nelson Photography Covers These Areas:

Southern California
  - Los Angeles
  - Orange County
  - Palm Springs / Palm Desert
  - Riverside / Inland Empire
  - San Bernardino Mountains / Lake Arrowhead
  - San Fernando Valley
  - San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
  - Santa Barbara
  - South Bay L.A. / Long Beach
  - Temecula Wine Country
  - Ventura
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“He took shots that a regular photographer wouldn’t have known to take. There wasn’t a shot that he missed. He managed to blend in perfectly. I think what makes stand out from other photographers is the angle of the shots and the way they are framed. It really makes each picture like a movie. His years of experience show up in the quality of the pictures. His pictures are incredible.”

“I’m not exactly happy in front of a camera. He helped me get over my discomfort in front of the camera, and the pictures were amazing.”

“We were extremely satisfied with his services. He was on time, ready, and had an assistant that was very knowledgeable. He did a great job of capturing the important shots and staging shots that he knew would look good. Scott did a fabulous job of getting us the pictures and creating CDs and DVDs of all our pictures, too. I can ABSOLUTELY recommend Scott!”

“He worked extremely well with my wedding coordinator and my huge crazy family. He is personable, honest, caring, and reliable. As the process of our wedding started to take place, Scott was there the whole way. I felt more inclined to call him, not my wedding planner, about things that I should or shouldn’t do for our big day. Our wedding day was unforgettable and we both think that Scott was the backbone.”

“Scott was super-nice, professional, absolutely ethical, and made us feel comfortable. His work is amazing! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Scott is a great guy and a fantastic artist.”

“Scott continues to see each wedding as a distinctively unique event, trying to find a special way to take each shot. With Scott, you get great pictures and a really nice guy to assure a happy experience on your big day.”

“He always had a smile on his face and was patient with our guests. We actually had many friends who asked for his number! He caught things that you couldn’t even imagine. He has such a

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