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Main Office Location:
8726 South Sepulveda Blvd. Suite D B151
Los Angeles, California 90045-4082

Contact: Damon Tedesco
Phone: 310/670-6155
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Service Area:

Southern California

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Company Founded { 1985 }
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Services Offered

Damon explains, “I like to meet up with brides and grooms 2-3 times before the wedding. Weddings are all about pre-production. The more I know about what kind of event my client wants the easier the job will flow. I work with the bride and groom to figure out what formalities they want and work out a timeline with them. I rely on my experience with literally hundreds of weddings to suggest the best flow for the formalities. I speak with the caterer or banquet manager before the event and give them a copy of the Wedding Program that we have worked out. I also bring copies for the photographer and videographer. Everyone needs to be on the same page so the wedding rolls along flawlessly.”

Damon uses an iTunes laptop interface with a full backup system on every job. He has a separate system for the ceremony, including Sennheiser clip-on wireless microphones and wireless handheld mics for vows and readings, and micing up instruments and performers such as string quartets, guitars and vocalists.

He offers audio integration with the videographer from his mixing console. As one videographer told us, “Not all DJs help out in doing this. It is key that I am able to get good audio during the ceremony, and he has been very helpful by allowing me to utilize his audio system to get the best audio track for the video.”

Packages start at $1250.

About This Company

He’s DJ’d some very high-profile celebrations and it’s no wonder: Damon Tedesco has the reputation, the credentials and the talent to take any event and turn up the quality. A professional recording engineer and the son of a studio musician, he grew up in the music business, tagging along to recording sessions since age ten. In high school he was a guitarist and saxophonist, and contemplated a career as an instrumentalist until he was distracted by music technology.

He went on to get a degree in Recording Arts from Loyola Marymount University, where he also taught audio editing for a while. “My first job out of college was sound engineer at Warner Brothers Studios,” he recalls. In that environment the talents he’d developed deejaying in high school and college were not easy to keep under wraps. “They started hiring me for corporate film and TV wrap parties,” remembers Damon. Naturally, word spread. “Whether it be a wedding, or corporate or private party, our first call is to Damon,” says a production company executive who greatly admires his work. “Through the years he has always shown nothing but professionalism in every aspect of the job.”

Today, in addition to wrap parties, Damon deejays weddings, reunions, corporate events, fundraising galas and more. He still works on film scores with composers like Maria Newman and Don Davis—recording and mixing music that builds emotional context, frames key events, heightens drama, and orchestrates the ebb and flow of energy on the Big Screen—but he really loves the feeling of doing all of this in real time. “I enjoy mixing and recording concerts and live performances,” admits Damon, “and special events fall into that category, too. I get excited about the interaction between the music and the gear.”

All of his equipment is state-of-the-art, and he has a museum-quality music library. Clients have access to the entire collection, which is divided up by era and alphabetized within those divisions for easy reference. “I’ve collected music since I was a kid,” reports Damon. “I still have every CD and piece of vinyl I ever bought.” In addition he’s always searching for new songs and new versions of old standards, and he welcomes a challenge from clients. He’s not a ham; he’s an artist and that’s what you’ll find this professional focusing on: artistry, musicality, subtle shifts in emotion, elegant transitions, and flow. He is so NOT the guy in the giant foam cowboy hat.

“Mobile Disc Music stands out from other companies because Damon is not a ‘cheesy’ DJ,” reports an event coordinator. “He knows how to put on a classy party. He’s amazing at getting even truly shy people up and dancing without making them feel pressured. He can read a crowd well and is constantly adapting to the mood of the event.”

“Music transports people; it carries the energy,” declares Damon, whose low-key yet high-energy style has a large fan base. “Brides and grooms have enough on their minds. It’s the music that helps them relax and enjoy the party.”

Damon is also a professional recording engineer for film and television and has worked with such composers as Danny Elfman (Spiderman), Tom Newman (American Beauty), Don Davis (The Matrix), and Randy Newman (Seabiscuit) to name a few.

Mobile Disc Music Covers These Areas:

Southern California
  - Los Angeles
  - San Fernando Valley
  - South Bay L.A. / Long Beach
  - Ventura
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“Damon was a complete breath of fresh air. He and I had the same philosophy about the DJ’s role at a wedding—that is, he or she plays the music and keeps the party going, but otherwise remains in the background. No goofy games, embarrassing tricks, or annoying voices. He dressed professionally and his announcement voice was clear and pleasant, without his using that circus-ringleader voice that most DJs are so well known for.”

“My husband and I have very different music tastes. He’s a total music snob—he used to DJ sometimes and is pretty picky about things, while I’m all about ABBA. So….Damon was fantastic. He found a great balance between us musically.”

“Damon does a great job moving the night along and tackling the role of Master of Ceremonies without the night becoming about him. In each wedding I’ve been to that he’s DJ’d—including ours—there has been a very smooth pace to the night.”

“I was absolutely happy with him. 100%. He kept things moving along. The wrong DJ can really spoil everything. But Damon was fantastic. We gave him a detailed play/do-not-play list and he respected the list. Once the dancing got started there was never a lull.”

“My husband and I have really specific tastes and Damon was willing to find all the music he didn’t have on hand. Some DJs won’t play it if they don’t have it, or they make you go get it yourself.”

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