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Butterfly Floral and Event Design

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Main Office Location:
7305 W. Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90046

Contact: Inna
Phone: 323/882-8400
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Service Area:

Southern California, will travel.

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Vendor Type { Flowers }
Company Founded { 2005 }
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Services Offered

Butterfly Floral & Event Design specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, personalized weddings comprised of only the freshest, most striking florals. Inspired by the imagination and personal style of her brides, Inna makes it a point to deliver the unique floral vision you have in mind—just bumped up a few notches. Her style is incredibly diverse, spanning from the most intimate garden ceremony to the most formal black-tie gala. And while she’s no stranger to designing florals for upscale celebrity events, Inna treats every client like a star.

Questions and Answers

What 3 words describe your work?

Unique, personalized and gorgeous.

Tell us about your company name.

Butterflies are colorful things of beauty—and always surrounded by flowers! Just like a butterfly leaves the cocoon and becomes a lovely presence, spreading joy and wonder to all that witness it, we aim to partner with our brides in creating joyous, vibrant and beautiful events.

Why should someone hire you?

I view every bride as not only a client, but through the process of working so closely together, she also becomes a friend. I put my heart into every wedding that I do. Every event we design is inspired by the imaginations and personal style of our clients. Because of this, our style is very diverse—from wildly romantic weddings to beautiful garden settings to intimate ceremonies.

What are the common misconceptions about your services?

Some brides think they will not be able to afford our services, when the truth is that we work with a wide range of budgets.

What drew you to this field/how did you get started?

I finished floral design school back in Ukraine and received many awards. After moving to the USA, I was hired by Mark's Garden, where I got my start designing for special events.

Tell us about a favorite, unusual or most interesting moment at a wedding:

The most special moment is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time—then seeing their faces when the whole room is set up and hearing them tell me that it is their dream come true!

What have weddings taught you?

With each wedding I do, I learn to love them even more!

What is the best advice you give to a couple when planning their wedding?

No matter what your budget, you still can have a beautiful wedding—just always choose capable, professional vendors.

What are 3 words that describe your personality?

Caring, friendly and fun.

What's your favorite book/movie/work of art?

Jacqueline as a Bride by Pablo Picasso, not only because it's a beautiful piece, but also because "Picasso" is a type of calla lily.

What is your favorite quote?

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination."

Extracurricular activities:

Skiing, ice-skating, hiking, and much more.

If you weren't in your current profession, what would you do instead?

After having my second baby I decided to try another profession, and got an MBA in accounting. I worked for a bit, but couldn't stay away from what I love doing the most—weddings.

What's your favorite way to wind down after a hard day?

Spending time with my kids.

Tell us about your pets, if you have any.

I have a Ukrainian cat, Tommy and an American dog, Princess.

What are some of your favorite places to eat—either everyday spots or special occasion splurges?

I like small, family restaurants best.

Butterfly Floral and Event Design Covers These Areas:

Southern California
  - Los Angeles
  - Orange County
  - San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
  - Santa Barbara
  - Santa Clarita Valley
  - South Bay L.A. / Long Beach
  - Ventura
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“The day of the wedding I was blown away with what Inna delivered. It was over-the-top amazing and everyone was talking about how beautiful the flowers were.”

“If I had to let a bride know one thing about her…I guess I would say that she is SPECTACULAR.”

“She is not a cookie-cutter designer. She listens and delivers your vision.”

“She is a good a good value for what you get and she goes above and beyond to make her brides happy.”

“The flowers took my breath away.”

“Her designs are classy yet very modern, original, unique, and upbeat.”

“I thought I had a good idea of what I wanted the wedding to look like but Inna took it and turned it into something even better!”

“Inna gives personal attention to every client she has. She makes you feel like you are her only client.”

“My wedding would have not been as beautiful and romantic as it was without Inna and Butterfly Floral.”

“She is not only an amazing floral designer but she is an amazing person with an amazing heart who just wants to make your special day as special as it can be.”

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