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Tim Halberg

Wedding Photographer
Main Office Location:
By Appointment

Contact: Tim Halberg
Phone: 707/681-5833
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Service Area:

Napa, Sonoma and Lake Tahoe. Other areas of Northern California on request.

You Need To Know...
Vendor Type { Photographer }
Company Founded { 2005 }

Services Offered

As Tim likes to say, “I’m an adventurous photographer for playful brides and decadent weddings.” Tim has honed the unique ability to document weddings with a focus on lighting and expressions.

Questions and Answers

What 3 words describe your work?

Adventurous, playful and indulgent.

Why should someone hire you?

Bold brides should hire us because I live a gregarious life. My ability to join in on the fun helps my brides to share their shameless and expressive selves.

What are the common misconceptions about your services?

I hear moms often ask if I do posed family formals. I do—though in my portfolio I choose to feature couples experiencing their adventure with bold expressions.

What's your favorite way to wind down after a hard day?

A day filled with adventure should always end with a bold glass of Knee Deep Brewing's Simtra Triple IPA (trust me, it's amazing stuff).

About This Company

Tim’s appetite for adventure pulls at his strings constantly—be it traveling on the road for the winter, or mixing up golf, photography, camping, backpacking and anything else that allows him to play through life and have fun.

Tim Halberg Covers These Areas:

Northern California
  - Lake Tahoe
  - Napa and Sonoma Wine Country
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Bride Reviews

“Tim has a great photojournalistic styles and is spectacular at capturing the great emotion that comes with a wedding.”

Tremendous results, very attentive, fantastic value.”

“Tim was the best on our wedding day! He was so friendly and happy to everyone that it was hard not to smile for his pictures!”

“We have a ton of wedding pics! He did an awesome job at capturing all of the moments we wanted and even more.”

“He was completely calm and composed the entire day and never intrusive, capturing all the important stuff without us even noticing.”

“Both my wife and I found him to be very calming and relaxing—frankly, we all just had a lot of fun together. It was really a wonderful time.”

“Tim was very unobtrusive and stayed out of the way while getting great shots, yet knew when to jump in to direct us to get some even better photos.”

“He makes you feel comfortable and at ease, which is key.”

“Tim is amazing with light and will play with it from all different angles until he gets that one awesome shot that will be hanging on your wall forever!”

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Alternate Info: Halberg Photographers FotoCielo