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Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country. Will deliver to Monterey/Carmel area under special arrangement. Shipping is available for some cakes.

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Services Offered

Best known for her jaw-droppingly realistic sculpted cakes, Amber McKenney never fails to impress with her mouthwatering recipes and impeccable design skills. “If you can dream it up, I can make it,” she says—and she’s always up for a challenge. Amber carefully handcrafts each cake and while they’re always visually stunning, they’re also extremely moist, flavorful and delicious—made with only the freshest seasonal ingredients. If you want your guests to rave about your wedding cake for weeks or even years after the event, Sweet on Cake is the bakery for you.

Wedding cakes start at $9/slice for the simplest design with a minimum order of $350, and the price increases with the complexity of the design. Sculpted cakes (e.g., groom’s cakes) are priced by the whole cake, and price quotes vary depending on the complexity, size and engineering of the design. Delivery fees are extra. Please inquire for more information.

Questions and Answers

Tell us about your company name.

I wanted a name that was playful yet to the point, and I had a light bulb moment one day when I came up with a name that was also a pun. To be "sweet on" something means you really like it, but the words also capture the fact that cakes are literally sweet. "Sweet on Cake" describes how I feel about my favorite dessert (and hopefully describes your feelings about it too!).

What drew you to this field/how did you get started?

To make a long story short: I went from UCLA grad and baking hobbyist, to newspaper editor, to culinary student, to wedding cake decorator, to magazine editor, to Oh-my-god-the-Food-Network-is-calling-me-to-be-on-TV, to quitting journalism for good and owning my own cake business. I didn't take a direct path to get where I am, but the destination was worth the journey.

If you weren't in your current profession, what would you do instead?

If money and natural talent were no object, I'd be a ballet dancer. Otherwise, I'd work in the field of animal behavior.

What 3 words best describe your work?

Whimsical, precise, delicious!

What are the common misconceptions about your services?

People sometimes think that the wedding cake is "just" a dessert and doesn't require much thought or priority, when in fact it's so much more: it's the focal point, part of the décor, an edible sculpture. The wedding cake is one of the first impressions you make on your guests as they enter your reception and the last bite they have before they depart. Something so iconic is pretty important, if you ask me.

What makes a wedding memorable for you?

Beautiful and delicious food! And yes, that includes the cake.

What's your favorite marriage advice?

Don't go to bed angry. My mom told me this, and she and my dad have been married for nearly 40 years...I think they're onto something.

About This Company

Amber McKenney’s work has been featured in various publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings online, Pacific Weddings, Town & Country, Ceremony Magazine, Brides Northern California, Inside Weddings Magazine, Junebug Weddings, The Knot, Snippet & Ink, and Style Me Pretty. She is also a regular contender on the hit TV series Food Network Challenge.

Sweet on Cake Covers These Areas:

Northern California
  - East Bay
  - Napa and Sonoma Wine Country
  - North Bay / Marin
  - Peninsula
  - San Francisco
  - Solano County
  - South Bay / San Jose
  - Tri-Valley and Livermore Wine Country
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Company Founded { 2009 }

Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“Amber is a genius when it comes to cake design. She is an artist. I could not have asked for more beautiful cakes. The wedding cake was even better than I had envisioned and the groom’s cake was phenomenal.”

“The texture, flavor, moisture of the cake and most importantly the frosting were superb!!”

“I chose Sweet on Cake over other bakeries because of Amber’s honesty and love for what she does. She is a very talented woman, and has a great passion for what she does—and with that I knew she’d make my wedding cake with love.”

“Amber is a cake genius. She made a cake that was PERFECT for me and my husband. It was simple yet very elegant.”

“I will say that the first thing out of most of my guests’ mouths after the wedding was that the cake was the best and most delicious wedding cake they’ve ever had—and I have to agree!”

“Working with Amber was like working with a super easy-going, helpful friend.”

“I loved all three flavors of my cake—red velvet, chocolate with cream cheese frosting, and banana. They were not overly sweet, had lot of flavor and just the right amount of frosting. Compared to the other cakes I tried, her flavors were the best and most exciting.”

“Amber’s cakes are above and beyond any other cake that we have ever tasted. Her cakes are so good that I often crave them and will be ordering from her again for any future celebrations. I just can’t get enough of her cakes!”

“It was perfection.”

“Amber does not sacrifice taste for art. The cake was both delicious and amazing to look at.”

“Not only is Amber incredibly talented, but she is also very professional, responsive, caring and easy to work with.”

“Amber really encourages you to build your cake from your imagination and gives you great input to make it even better.”

“I ended up giving her complete artistic control of the cake, and it turned out better than I could have imagined.”

“Amber’s creations are one in a million.”

“I trusted her wholeheartedly, and she definitely blew my expectations out of the water.”

“We got MORE than what we ever expected. How often do you STILL hear your guests raving about how yummy the wedding cake was a year later?”

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