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Rebecca Jean Catering

Wedding Caterer
Main Office Location:
319 South Maple Avenue
South San Francisco, California 94080

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Service Area:

Greater San Francisco Bay Area

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You Need To Know...
Vendor Type { Caterer }
Company Founded { 2010 }

Services Offered

Seasonal, fresh and locally sourced ingredients are the foundation of Rebecca Jean Catering’s diverse menus. They strive to captivate your vision and tastes while expertly balancing the familiar with the exotic—cultivating flavors that will appeal to foodies and down-home couples alike.

From San Francisco-inspired menus, to lively outdoor BBQs and picnics, to the most elegant plated dinner, Rebecca Jean Catering’s food delivers bright, bold flavors and balance in each bite. They also respect nutritional preferences and dietary accommodations, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and more.

Catering services include:

  • Passed hors d’oeuvres
  • Stationary hors d’oeuvres
  • Tapas
  • Buffet-style service
  • Family-style service
  • Plated service
  • Specialty Sweets

Other services include:

  • Event Planning
  • Day-of event coordination
  • Floral services
  • Décor rentals
  • Venue recommendation
  • Photographer booking
  • Chef-crafted menus
  • Professional staffing
  • Beverage service


Questions and Answers

What type of couple is most inclined to 'click' with your style of work?

The couple that values high quality food, seamless service, and immaculate attention to detail.

What are the common misconceptions about your services?

The most common misconception about catering in general is that there are corners to be cut without making an impact on the event. Time and experience has proven this to be untrue!

What's your favorite marriage advice?

Good old-fashioned communication. There is nothing that cannot be solved by communication. I always encourage my couples to remember the love they felt on their wedding day and to call on any guests in attendance in the future if they face challenges to remind them of the love they shared with their partner. It's a powerful force when you have everyone rooting for you!

What makes a wedding memorable for you?

Weddings are made memorable when the love and energy of the couple are the star of the show. When two people love each other so much that all of their friends and family not just feel it, but feed off of it—we get that happy feeling too. Coupled with a beautiful aesthetic and excellent food and service, the wedding couple should be thinking about each other and their guests, not the details of the day.

Tell us about your pets, if you have any.

I have two amazing kitty cats, Samurai and Sesame. Samurai is a 14lb ragdoll and Sesame is a little 6lb lilac Scottish fold. I love them so much! They lick each other and cuddle—it is amazing. I also have a super active 40lb border collie / cattle dog / pit mix, Dillon, who is a handful and so rewarding to raise—he keeps me on my toes.

Rebecca Jean Catering Covers These Areas:

Northern California
  - East Bay
  - Napa and Sonoma Wine Country
  - North Bay / Marin
  - Peninsula
  - San Francisco
  - South Bay / San Jose
  - Tri-Valley and Livermore Wine Country
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Bride Reviews

“The food was certainly the highlight of the event and we received so many compliments from guests that the food was the best they had ever had at a wedding.”

“Food was better quality and better tasting than any top restaurant—no exaggeration.”

“They went above and beyond for me in their customer service, especially with customizing a really special menu. I was sort of in the ‘groomzilla’ category being that I have a background in the industry, and they met my exacting standards perfectly.”

“I think what makes Rebecca stand out is that she’s really stepping outside of the box of traditional catering. She pushes the limits to make sure your food and presentation are extra special.”

“The day of the wedding was perfect. I still hear such great things from our guests about the food.”

“I am passionate about food and wine and Rebecca had the same passion.”

“From start to finish, Rebecca Jean and her staff were very professional. Everything was seamless, on time, and very smooth.”

“She has an incredible eye for aesthetics and acts not only as your caterer, but almost as an event designer.”

“Rebecca was incredible at understanding our creative vision and running with our ideas.”

“I would certainly recommend Rebecca Jean to any food aficionados, especially those with a modest budget like ours.”

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Alternate Info: Rebekah Jean Catering Rebecca Gene Catering Rebecca Jeanne Catering