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Overview of MyGuide Pages

MyGuide can be accessed from any page on Click the white MyGuide button on the right side of the masthead at the top of your screen to get to the MyGuide Homepage.

MyGuide Homepage – On this page, you’ll find MyGuide news, tips, tricks, and any recently added locations or services.

My Favorites – Your most important MyGuide page! You can access this page (and all MyGuide pages, for that matter) from the navigation bar on the right hand side of your screen. On the My Favorites page, you can view your current list of Favorite locations, services and bridal salons. Click on each entry to see a thumbnail and contact info. You may then click through to see their page of information on our website.

Share My Favorites – You can invite up to 5 people (at one time) to view your MyGuide account on They don’t need their own MyGuide account to view your page, just an invitation from you! Once you’ve sent the invites, your friends and family can view all your Favorite locations, services and bridal salons. Their access is “view only” so they won’t be able to add or delete your selections, nor will they be able to see your notes (or your flowered underwear).

We’ve designed MyGuide to be as easy to use as possible. If you have questions not answered below or suggestions for us, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I register?
Just go to our quick and free registration page, fill in the blanks, check your email to verify your account within 24 hours and voilà!—you’re in.

Q Why do you need my email address to register for MyGuide?
Your email address is how we identify your account. There can only be one account per email address. Having your email address as part of MyGuide also allows you to easily contact your MyGuide Favorite venues, services and bridal salons right from the site without having to open your email program.  Here Comes The Guide is different in so many ways, but most importantly: we never ever distribute or sell your email address. We hate getting spammed and we figure you do, too.

Q How do I save a new location or service as a Favorite?
You can add any location or service by viewing that company’s page on In the upper right, under the ell a Friend link, you will see the link, “Add to MyGuide.”

Q Once I’ve save a company to my Favorites, will that company automatically have my email address and start contacting me?
Nope. The locations or services you add to your Favorites list are not automatically notified once they’ve been added. Again, we never disclose the email addresses of MyGuide users without their permission.

Q I just tried to add a company to my Favorites list, and the words “Add to MyGuide” disappeared! What happened?
If the “Add to MyGuide” button disappeared, congratulations! You’ve added that company to your Favorites list. Shortly after the “Add to MyGuide” button disappears, a new pink button will appear in its place saying, “Remove from MyGuide” (be patient! This button takes longer to appear on some browsers). If you’ve made a mistake and do not want that company in your Favorites list, just click the “Remove from MyGuide” button to get rid of it.

Q How do I remove a location or service from My Favorites list?
Click the “x” at the end of the row of the company you want to delete.

Q How do I share my Favorite locations, services and bridal salons with my friends and family? Do they need an account to log in?
From any page within the MyGuide section, click on the Share My Favorites link in the right column. Then enter the email addresses (up to five) of the people with whom you wish to share your Favorites. You can repeat this as often as you like. Your friends and family will be able to view your Favorites, but they won’t be able to add or remove any of them from your list, or see your notes.

Q I’ve decided I don’t want one of my friends to see my MyGuide Favorites anymore. Can I delete them?
Not at this time, but luckily none of the guests you’ve invited to view your Favorites page can modify your page!

Q I just booked my wedding location by using MyGuide, but I don’t plan on booking other services for a long time. Will my MyGuide account still be active when I return?
Your MyGuide account will only stay active for one year after your last login. If you don’t plan to use your account for a while, be sure to log in and log out of MyGuide periodically to ensure that your account is there when you need it again.

Q MyGuide is not working. I keep crashing. Help!
Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser. You can download the latest versions here:


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