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Stitely Entertainment

Wedding DJs and Entertainment
Main Office Location:
800 Custer Ave. Suite 6
Evanston, Illinois 60202

Contact: Jeff Stitely
Phone: 847/866-8002, Cell: 312/953-6383
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Service Area:

Based in Chicago, Stitely Entertainment works throughout Illinois and the Midwest including Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and Missouri.

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You Need To Know...
Vendor Type { DJs and Entertainment }
Company Founded { 1995 }

Services Offered

Jeff Stitely and his talented team firmly believe that the “music matters; it engages emotions, enhances events and has the power to transcend the ordinary.”

With their comprehensive online planning system and hands-on customer service, Stitely will take your musical choices and tastes to the next level—completely customizing the entertainment for each couple in a way that totally reflects your personal style. Their expert planning combined with their world-class musicians result in incredible performances that will have all your guests dancing—and talking about your event for years to come.

Stitely Entertainment features four exceptional bands for weddings: the Stitely Orchestra, Chicago Groove Collective, 312 Chicago and the Stephanie Rogers Band. Stitely Entertainment also features DJs, numerous jazz groups, acoustic ensembles, string quartets, and soloists. Even with their variety of musical options and enormous repertoire, Stitely Entertainment is open to learning new songs specifically for your wedding or special event. Contact them today to get your party started!

Questions and Answers

As answered by President Jeff Stitely:

What 3 words best describe your work?

Fun, dynamic and personalized.

What are the common misconceptions about your services?

People often equate the number of musicians with the quality of the group. Quantity doesn’t necessarily guarantee the quality of the band; the level of professionalism and excellence of the musicians do. It’s better to hire a smaller group of pros who know what they’re doing than to hire a larger group of amateurs.

What drew you to this field/how did you get started?

A transformational event in my career was the opportunity to study and perform African drumming and dance with Ghanaian master drummer Gideon Foli Alorwoyie. I was inspired by the joyous African musical traditions surrounding weddings, harvests and initiations and I started Stitely Entertainment in 1995 to bring this level of joy to American celebrations.

Why should someone hire you?

Our clients hire us because we are exceptional at listening to them and use our expertise to help them develop their vision for their wedding. Then we prepare and execute that vision flawlessly. Bottom line is that a couple can relax and sleep well knowing that their wedding will be a great party.

Tell us about a favorite, unusual or very interesting moment at a wedding:

One of my favorite weddings was for a couple who were huge Phish fans, along with 40 of their college friends. We played six Phish songs for them in addition to our normal repertoire and the party was crazy fun! An interesting wedding memory was one in which the groom’s family had an unusual family tradition. The family asked all of the guests to line up with their legs spread apart, and the groom appeared almost completely naked, just down to his boxer shorts. Then he crawled on his stomach underneath their legs while they spanked him. I’ve never seen anything like that again!

What makes a wedding memorable for you?

When a couple has a specific musical taste that is not the norm, it can really make an evening memorable for me since we love learning new music. Also, I love when the father of the bride makes a particularly moving toast to his daughter. I imagine myself doing that with my 10-year old daughter down the road and it gets me every time.

What's your favorite book/movie/work of art?

I love by Paulho Coehlo! He’s a wonderful Brazilian author. I also love reading fantasy and action books to my son every night before bed.

Stitely Entertainment Covers These Areas:

  - Central Illinois
  - Downtown Chicago
  - North Chicago Suburbs
  - South/Southwest Chicago Suburbs
  - Southern Illinois
  - West Chicago Suburbs
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“Just to sum it up, we absolutely loved Stitely Entertainment! They made our evening just fabulous. My dream wedding was a meaningful ceremony followed by our family and friends dancing all night long with tons of smiles—and that is exactly what we got!”

The dance floor was PACKED! It was my dream come true. I’ve heard a million times we had the best band people have ever heard.”

“They were PERFECT. Our dance floor was packed all night long…totally kick-ass band. I’d rate them 11 on a ten-point scale.”

“Our wedding set the stage for others to live up to in terms of wedding entertainment and dancing. Our dance floor was packed all night long and they never missed a beat.”

“The musicians were the best part of our wedding and I can’t rave enough about them. I still have people coming up to me asking for their info and reminiscing about how great they were.”

“We ultimately picked Stitely because they were fantastic musicians, great to work with, and not gimmicky like many other wedding bands can be.”

“I was proud to have them play our wedding and keep trying to come up with another reason to hire them. Truly amazing musicians.”

“They really cared about making our day perfect. And I love that they learned new songs just for us!”

“They are professional, local, and very open about pricing, services and what they can do for you.  They cared about me as a person. There was no talk of a pre-packaged deal as with some other companies I spoke to.”

“Stitely did a fantastic job of listening to what we wanted.”

“We easily transitioned from great dinner music full of Sinatra to an amazing array of classic rock to top 40 music.”

“Stitely Entertainment has an outstanding planning website so you can ensure that you’ll hear your favorite songs at your wedding.”

“Stitely did not miss any key elements, they respected our playlist, and we got tons of compliments all night long.”

“Jeff acted as a great MC—he kept us on track throughout the night and was easily able to make adjustments if we needed to.”

“They were willing to go the extra mile on everything I asked for.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Stitely Entertainment and The Stitely Orchestra. They were absolutely one of my favorite things about our special day!

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