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Cage and Aquarium

Wedding DJs and Entertainment
Main Office Location:
1803 W Byron #104
Chicago, Illinois 60613

Contact: Shelley Anderson
Phone: 312/725-2243
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Service Area:

Greater Chicago Area

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You Need To Know...
Vendor Type { DJs and Entertainment }
Company Founded { 2007 }

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Services Offered

Cage and Aquarium asks, “Have you ever made someone a really great mixed CD that you were so proud of, you ultimately end up listening to it more than they might? Imagine that feeling, only on a much larger scale. That is why we are in this business.” Their disc jockeys have a passion for music, unmatched professionalism, a stylish formality, and the ability to read a crowd like no other. They like to think of themselves as “Pandora radio for your wedding.” In getting to know your musical tastes as a couple, their DJs spend hours researching and finding songs that will fit your personal style and are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Wedding DJ services include:

  • Atmosphere appropriate cocktail and dinner music
  • State of the art sound and lighting (with backup)
  • Event coordination and customization
  • 1 full-time DJ and associate

Live music is also available. Visit Cage and Aquarium’s website to check availability, request a custom quote, and listen to music demos. Combined DJ and photography packages are offered at a discounted rate for both services.

Questions and Answers

Tell us about your company name.

Our company is named after a song about misunderstanding the lyrics to “Age of Aquarius.” Lots of people grow up knowing one set of words to a particular song, only to find out later in life that they had confused the lyrics. We want to understand each couple and their music tastes and ideas, so they can have the best dance party of their lives.

Why should someone hire you?

We are a unique company and that stems from our connection to Chicago’s music scene. We created a collective of musicians that are committed to the arts. Using turntables for beat matching and scratching are the norm among our deejays. Cage and Aquarium has specialized in private events for five years. We train and provide support for each artist to smoothly transition to private events from a club-like atmosphere.

What makes a wedding memorable for you?

We think music and the dance party is one of the most important aspects of a wedding and that’s what makes it memorable for us. It is so much fun to see the different types of music couples pick for their wedding day. Whether it’s a track from their must play list or a special song for a part of the ceremony, our clients are always coming up with something unique! We like to pore through the planning forms to see what gems we might find among their selections.

What drew you to this field/how did you get started?

Tyler Huffman founded Cage and Aquarium out of a love for music. He has always had a passion for it and a long background performing as a guitarist and vocalist in many different bands. It occurred to him that he could play music in a different setting when he was asked to DJ a friend’s wedding in 2007. That first wedding was a huge success and Cage and Aquarium quickly began growing in the Chicago wedding industry. In 2010 C+A began offering photography services when Tyler’s wife, Shelley, an already seasoned wedding photographer, came on board to help with the company’s day-to-day operations. C+A has become a collective of more than 30 DJs, photographers and live musicians.

About This Company

Imagine the convenience of booking both an incredible wedding photographer and a rockin’ DJ company in one fell swoop—and for a reasonable price! If this combined package of two major wedding vendors is right up your alley, look no further than Cage and Aquarium—a premier Chicago event DJ, photography, and live music service.

While you aren’t required to book both their DJ and photography services, it makes a lot of sense. Not only will Cage and Aquarium give you a nice price break, but it’s also really important for your DJ and photographer to be on the same page. As the DJ emcees the flow of events at your reception, it’s crucial that the timing and communication with the photographer is on point. That way, your photographer will effortlessly capture all the major moments and formalities. Needless to say, Cage and Aquarium has this teamwork down to a science.

Cage and Aquarium Covers These Areas:

  - Downtown Chicago
  - North Chicago Suburbs
  - South/Southwest Chicago Suburbs
  - West Chicago Suburbs
  - And other areas by special arrangement.

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Verified Reviews from Real Brides & Grooms

“The dance floor was packed all night, and our friends raved about it on Facebook for months after. It was the ‘wedding of the year!’ someone tweeted, which made me feel great.”

They nailed all of the music.”

“Cage and Aquarium was one of the easiest and most fun vendors to work with. Our music tastes were represented very well and our guests were up and dancing the whole night (one of our main goals).”

They know music. Period. If you’re looking for a DJ that gets to know you and your style, Cage and Aquarium it is!”

“We couldn’t have been happier! The dance floor was packed the entire evening of our event. That is the sign of a great party.”

“I think Cage and Aquarium has a distinctly contemporary and easygoing vibe. They want to work with you and make the event the best it can be, but they are also comfortable using their expertise to explain what they know will work best.”

“They have this nice timeline/planner that brides can use online to tell them what songs they do and do not want to hear. It was reassuring to know that they had my wishes in writing with them on that day.”

“We had a meeting with our DJ months in advance to plan out exact tunes. Prior to our meeting, they had a very professional form that they required us to complete to help organize our thoughts around the music.”

“Our DJ was very flexible and excited about our music choices. He made a lot of helpful suggestions.”

“The DJ and assistant were absolutely seamless in their set-up, hosting, and DJ responsibilities. We didn’t worry about anything.”

“They presented a phenomenal level of professionalism from start to end and were dedicated to making our event the best night of our lives. You really could not ask for more.”

“Working with Cage and Aquarium was stress-free.”

“Cage and Aquarium was one of the most professional vendors we worked with. I give them top marks.”

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