Ashley Kelemen Photography

Cover Photographer for the Southern California Here Comes The Guide, 14th edition

Southern California 14th Edition Here Comes The Guide Ashley Kelemen Cover PhotographyOur cover photo was shot by Ashley Kelemen. The first thing that drew us to it was the contrast between the couple’s upscale look and the urban background. Then there’s the pair’s amazing fashion sense—the dapper groom seems completely at ease in his suit, which is formal and yet not your typical groomiform. However, it’s his bride that steals the show: Her feminine, flowing gown is utterly unique, from the skirt festooned with bold floral appliqués to her Deco-inspired bodice and accessorizing. This is a wedding couple that’s clearly confident expressing their personal style!

To find out more about Ashley and her work, Here Come’s The Guide’s editor had a conversation with her:

Q: How did you get into wedding photography?
A: I was living in New York, working in the fashion industry, with no intention of becoming a wedding photographer. But I began second shooting at weddings for friends and just fell in love with it. Although I worked with some great photographers in NY before my husband and I moved to California, I’m basically self-trained.

Wedding cake by Asheley Kelemen Photography

Q: What is it that keeps you hooked on shooting weddings?
A: I’m a big lover of people, and getting married is one of the most personal things a couple can do. A wedding is a huge event in their life, and I really enjoy being a part of that experience.

Wedding cake closeup by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Q: Why do you think your clients like working with you?
A: Well, they tell me I make them feel comfortable. Most people don’t like being in front of a camera, but I get them laughing and relaxed. I’m able to build relationships easily and quickly … and I seem to attract people I love to be around and who trust me! Plus, I only take on a limited number of weddings every year so I’m able to spend time with the couples I have.

Blue shoes under gown by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Q: How would you characterize your photographic style?
A: I like to create “frameable” artistic images (my editorial approach), but on the flip side I love capturing candid, authentic moments. Whatever style of photo I’m shooting, I try to make every situation comfortable so that the couple just behaves naturally.

Bouquet with yellow roses by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Q: You seem to have a way with shooting in natural light. Is that something you’re known for?
A: Yes, it is. I do tend to shoot a lot of outdoor weddings and really love working in natural light. I’m a big fan of film and use it 90% of the time, because for me it handles light better. And when I’m shooting with film I feel that I “see” better: I’m aware of everything in my frame, and my photographic vision comes to life.

Table, chairs and candles by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Q: What do you hope to accomplish through your photography?
A: It’s really important to me to relate to the couples I work with, and to have a body of work that conveys a consistent look and resonates with them. I’ve traveled a lot and consider myself an “adventure junkie”… so I think my passion for life and photography helps me tell the story of their adventure.

Table with candles by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Pears and wine by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bouquet with yellow roses and spider mum by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Above: Wedding Dress by Thorne Artistry and Florals by Sweet Marie Designs.

Bride dressing in chair by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Barefoot in sand by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Couple kissing near columns by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Couple embracing in field by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Couple with dog and bouquet by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bride in the wind by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bride and groom on street by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Pink Gown by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bridal veil by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bride's hand and veil by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bride sitting in field by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Groom kissing Bride's forehead by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Bride with pink bouquet near pink blosoms by Ashley Kelemen Photography