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Wedding DJs: The Secret Of A Successful Wedding

Picture this: The spotlight’s on you and your new husband as you finish your first dance at your wedding reception. Waiting in the wings is the other important man in your life: your dad. As the final notes of that first song fade, Dad holds out his hand, ready to lead you back to the dance floor for the father-daughter dance. But when the first few bars of the Village People’s “YMCA” scream their way out of your iPod, you’re frozen in horror…did you really forget to add a father-daughter dance song to your wedding playlist?!

Kramer Entertainment, Inc.My buddy and colleague Denise described an eerily similar scenario that happened at her friend’s wedding. The bride had wanted to save some money by not hiring a DJ, but the plan backfired when her dad was cheated out of his moment!

A DJ makes last-minute adjustments that an iPod can’t. As Beau Kramer says, “A good DJ can keep the guests informed and involved. They constantly monitor the room and the energy of the guests, making subtle changes as needed.”

Another case in point: Many years ago, I coordinated a wedding at the Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate. The DJ had a great party going, until someone in the wedding party asked him to play a certain song. The DJ warned that the song would kill the energy of the party, and sure enough, the dance floor quickly emptied. But almost as soon as the dancers cleared the floor, the DJ’s next selection brought everyone back to life. He knew what would happen, and more importantly, he knew how to recover. I’d say that DJ earned his fee!

Kathy Posted by Kathy on Sep 17, 2009.
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