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How to Make Your Wedding Your Own

Those of us at Here Comes The Guide who are married did not have cookie-cutter weddings: Meredith and her husband had an intimate beach wedding (a.k.a elopement) in Half Moon Bay, Jolene wore a raspberry wedding gown; my husband and I served pizza—old-school, unfancy pizza; and Sharon and her husband had their lively reception in a dojo where the black belts in attendance took turns throwing the groom.

Dream A Little Dream EventsWe imagine you want a wedding that reflects you and your intended—that is, something uniquely yours. That’s why we work hard to bring you a variety of options. We think you are smart enough to make the choices that are right for you—but just in case you need a little bolstering in your quest to resist the pressure of friends, relatives and wedding magazines, read Ten Ways to Avoid The Wedding Industrial Complex by Kathleen J. King, published by our friends over at Divine Caroline.

Then just cover your ears…. “La, la, la, la, la. Not hearing you.”

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Feb 20, 2009.
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