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Hollywood Glam

I’m obsessed with old movies. Those actresses from the 1930s and ‘40s had their men wrapped around their fingers, didn’t they? Look at Lauren Bacall and Katharine Hepburn: They usually played well-mannered, headstrong, fast- talking women who could make a man’s man like Humphrey Bogart stop dead in his tracks. When these dames entered a crowded room, everyone would break off mid-sentence and just stare.

Filigree chandelier earrings from One World DesignsMost women have that kind of moment once in their lives: their wedding day. As an avid fan of Hollywood’s Golden Age, I can think of no better way to channel Lauren or Katharine than to top off your wedding look with some classic, vintage-inspired jewelry. The retro-glam pieces from One World Designs fit this bill splendidly. Imagine walking down the aisle wearing dramatic filigree chandelier earrings, with a feather-and-rhinestone flower hairpin holding back your pin curls. Combine adornments like these with a healthy dose of cool confidence, and you’re ready for your own show-stopping moment. And what’s more powerful than that?

Feather & Rhinestone flower hairpin from One World Designs

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Jan 07, 2009.
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