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Get Rid Of Bad Wedding Gifts Once And For All

Tell the truth: for your wedding gift, would you rather receive a pink ceramic Victorian cat or that Bose SoundDock you always wanted? Yeah, thought so.

After spending $150 on Egyptian cotton linens for his close friend, the groom, and finding out that said groom couldn’t remember what he’d given them, Aric Martinez decided that there had to be a better way for couples to personalize their registry and get what they actually want—even the expensive stuff.

He created so guests can purchase “shares” in high-end gifts the bride and groom want but can’t justify buying for themselves. So if, for example, Aunt Gertrude and 3 friends each buy a share at $75 apiece, they can get you that Bose SoundDock you’ve been coveting for your home. And if you don’t have a home, people can actually contribute money towards your down payment. Now that’s a gift you’ll absolutely remember! This clever website offers a wide selection of gifts to choose from, but if they don’t have something you want they’ll work out a way to get it on your registry.

Check out the possibilities at

Kathy Posted by Kathy on Nov 05, 2009.
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