Weddings on the Farm

I have two good friends, both unmarried. One is a City Girl through and through. Her dream wedding would probably be at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, surrounded by 350 of her closest friends, dancing the night away in front of a 25-piece orchestra. She’s looking for complete refinement and urban chic.

The Bently ReserveBut my other friend is what most people would call a Country Girl, and City Girl’s wedding fantasy is actually her “anti-wedding.”  My country friend longs for something more simple, “homey” and “down on the farm.”  She imagines 35-50 guests relaxing under a star-filled evening sky, noshing on comfort foods, dancing to their favorite tunes with the faint scent of horses, hay and meadowsweet wafting in on a warm breeze. For her, this is what a wedding should be: time with friends and family in a rustic setting.

Rush Ranch Nature CenterApparently, my friend the Country Girl is not alone. In fact, there’s a growing market for low-key weddings, especially at ranches and farms. The NY Times even wrote about it. I’ll admit that the wedding they feature was a bit more casual than most, but hey, to each her own.

Personally, I prefer a happy medium, someplace like Thomas Fogarty Winery that offers the best of both worlds. Luckily, with so many choices for wedding locations in California, we can all find something that feels just right to each of us.