Wedding Makeup: Glam Goes Green

Like most of you, I try to do right by the environment…I especially love when doing right also makes me look good—and I don’t mean in front of my eco-activist friends. I mean in the mirror!

articles_altAs you begin your own personal makeover in preparation for your wedding day, you can choose products that are both good for the planet and your close-up. That’s why I want to share with you the news about makeup leader Mineralogie. These purveyors of health-conscious beauty products have taken “natural” up a notch, by undertaking an ambitious corporate initiative to make their entire company eco-friendly. Steps include switching to eco-chic packaging, changing to a green energy provider, converting to enviro-friendly shipping materials—company owner Mary Van even rides her bike to work.

But let’s get to fun stuff: the makeup! Mineralogie uses the purest ingredients in their makeup, which means it’s free of harsh chemicals and dyes. Everyone’s talking about minerals and how wonderful they are for the skin, and Mineralogie’s mineral-based products are of the highest pharmaceutical grade.

I use the Pressed Mineral Foundation which looks light and sheer on my face, and the Pressed Eye Shadows (in the shades of Luminous and Mango) which offer subtle enhancement—perfect for creating soft bridal looks. My fave product, however, is the Natural Lip Gloss in “Antique Pearls.” I normally go for big, bold lip colors, and I was surprised how seductive this more muted shade made my lips—warm, luminescent and very sexy in an unpretentious way.

See? Even jaded make-up junkies like me can learn some fresh tricks!

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Jolene Posted by Jolene on Mar 19, 2008.
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