Way To Save: The Mid-Week Wedding

These challenging economic times have created a novel wedding trend: The mid-week wedding! While Wednesday-night knot-tying is never going to replace Saturday evening extravaganzas, we’re hearing about wedding couples that opt to celebrate on a non-traditional day of the week. And why not? Since it’s an off-time for wedding vendors, they’re more likely to discount their fees. Same goes for your wedding location—you’re sure to get more for less if you wed on an alternate day. Want to upgrade from community center to hotel ballroom? For sure.
Radisson Suites Hotel Rancho BernardoAnd a mid-week celebration isn’t really much of a stretch for your guests. Your single friends are used to partying after work, and even married couples typically have some extra-curricular activity after work. So instead of heading for the local bar for cocktails, they come to your wedding instead. Just think of it as your own personal “Happy Hour”… with presents!

For more about how the economy is affecting wedding budgets, check out this article from the Long Beach Business Journal. (And see if you can spot a familiar name!)

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