Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #3

Unlike my colleagues Lisa and Meredith, I didn’t even think about what chocolate my significant other would be. Instead, I grilled my poor boyfriend on what kind of chocolate he thinks I’d be. After vetoing every type of chocolate he came up with (“What? Really? Where the hell did you get that idea?”), the answer dawned on me while I was restocking on shampoo at the drugstore. An M&M! Or is it an M?

When it comes to M&M’s, I’m like a cat. No, not in the slinky, stealthy, purring way. I’m like a cat in the sense that however many M&M’s you put in front of me, I’ll eat them all. A whole bowlful, even. I could be sick to my stomach and I’ll still pop a few in my mouth.

articles_altSo if you are what you eat, I must be an M… or an M&M, however you want to say it. And doesn’t she kinda look like me? For Valentine’s Day this year, they’re making special all-green bags. Why green? There’s that old urban myth that the green ones have aphrodisiac properties. And I love the idea of including customized M&Ms in a dessert buffet at a wedding reception.

In my opinion, this is a very tasty way to “go green” for your wedding day or Valentine’s Day…

At Here Comes The Guide, we’re not just experts on all things wedding: we’re also extremely knowledgeable chocolate connoisseurs. We’ve been tireless chocolate taste-testers for years—eating, judging, then trying just a little bit more to be absolutely sure of our decision. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought it was time to impart some of our expertise to you for all your gift-giving needs. And if you need an extra box to give you a little moral support during the wedding planning process, we completely encourage that.

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