Valentine's Day Chocolate Gift Guide, #1

At Here Comes The Guide, we’re not just experts on all things wedding: we’re also extremely knowledgeable chocolate connoisseurs. We’ve been tireless chocolate taste-testers for years—eating, judging, then trying just a little bit more to be absolutely sure of our decision. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought it was time to impart some of our expertise to you for all your gift-giving needs. And if you need an extra box to give you a little moral support during the wedding planning process, we completely encourage that.

articles_altIf my husband were a piece of chocolate (yes, there are times I wish that. That’s not weird, is it?), I’m pretty sure he’d be a Smoked Salt Caramel from Fran’s Chocolates. I don’t know ya’ll well enough to go into the details of why I think that, but let me just say the salt dusting on top makes the flavors in these chocolates so much more complex than any other fine chocolate I’ve tasted, and that’s a very good thing.

Their seasonal section is currently decked out with beautifully-wrapped Valentine’s Day sampler boxes offering various flavors of chocolatey goodness, including truffles infused with oolong tea and single malt whiskey. I’ve already picked out my Valentine’s Day choice for my husband…and a box of salt caramels for moi, as well.

That’s right, I’m getting the man and the chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day to me…