Trashy Chic

We’ve all heard of toilet paper wedding dresses, but what about dresses made of trash?

My 7-year-old niece Anya turned trash into fashion for a recent school project—a perfect assignment for a self-proclaimed fashion hound who changes her clothes 4 times a day! Starting with some netting and a bow from her mother’s old wedding dress, Anya took this outfit to the next level by making plastic grocery bag flowers for the bodice, hem and crown. The petite designer also gave a nod to the colorful wedding gown trend, adding a brightly painted elastic belt and finishing off the look with a crushed soda can-top belt buckle.

What are you going to do with your wedding dress when the day is done? Mine is still just hanging in my closet. Hmmm, I wonder if plastic bags would bring it back in style?

My niece, Anya

Allison Posted by Allison on Dec 26, 2008.
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