Top 5 Wedding Registry Do’s

My sister Sandra is getting married in October, and a few months ago she and her groom-to-be,Tyler, went to register.  Once her mission was accomplished, I asked her if she would share some advice for anyone getting ready to do the same. Here are her tips:

Argos Duvet Cover by Nicole Miller, from at Bed Bath & Beyond1. Have a Game Plan: To get in the registry mood, talk about what you need and what you just really want. You can save time by looking at catalogs and selecting some items in advance. This is also a good time to learn each others’ color and style preferences (if you haven’t already), and the art of marital compromise: if you can’t live without the all-white bedding he’s skeptical of, he gets those modern pewter bowls that don’t go with anything else you have but will make him super happy.

2. Come Prepared: The “Never Shop Hungry” rule is just as important when shopping for linens as it is when shopping for groceries. You’ll likely spend several hours in each store, so make sure you eat a light meal beforehand and take along snacks if you or your fiancé tend to get a little cranky with low blood sugar.  Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a notebook with your list of items and a pen, or load a PDA with everything you need before you go.

Six-Pack Wine Rack, available at Branch Home3. Add Variety: Sure, you need those towels and spoons, but there will be people on your list who aren’t satisfied with getting you something that’s strictly utilitarian. Register for cool stuff that people want to buy for you. Also, don’t forget to include all sorts of price ranges to accommodate any guest.

4. Put Him To Work: While he may not admit it, your fiancé could feel left out of the whole registry process if you’re hogging the fun registry gun. Hand the gun over when it’s time to pick out the manly stuff, like knives or barbecue equipment. He’ll appreciate the fact that you value his opinion. To keep his interest, you might also spend part of Registry Day picking up gifts for his groomsmen.  For inspiration, take a look at Carolyn Gerin’s Gift Guide for Groom Guys.

5. Don’t Forget the Internet: It’s fun to start creating your registry at the store, but don’t expect to get everything on your registry list in one outing. You can easily go to the store’s website later to add forgotten items, or pop back to the store if you just have to see it in person before you add it to the list. You’ll also probably feel pressured to tack on items that you don’t actually want or need while the salesperson is helping you, but remember you can always delete those items later from the comfort of your own home.

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