To Err is Human; To Tell the Story? Divine!

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know that we like to discuss wedding issues by example: what we like, what’s worked for us, and once in a while, what not to do for your wedding (ever, ever again). We do it because all women have a story to tell, and we believe we learn as much from our own experiences as we do from the advice of our friends, women who’ve been there before. It’s only natural to want to add our own valuable voices to the mix. Fortunately, the highly opinionated women of Here Comes The Guide recently discovered a divine online forum with that goal in mind: Divine Caroline, that is.

DivineCaroline.comRelationship issues? Check. Work problems or family health concerns? Check and check. The online community at discusses matters any thoroughly modern woman cares about. So go ahead: learn how to get out of your hairstyle rut, what to pack for your honeymoon and share your views on conflict-free diamonds all on the same website. You’re a complex woman, and DC gets that.

As I was registering so I could become a more active participant on the site, I found another reason to love this website (besides the fact that registering is quick and free): sure, Divine Caroline gives you the option to choose an anonymous screen name, but it also gently encourages you to use your real name as your online ID. How can you not love a site that lets you talk to a new friend named Karen Williams instead of LuvBunny224?