This? It's From Italy

Wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, when someone complimented your new dress you didn’t have to say “Oh, this? It’s from Target.” Instead, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could say, “This? It’s from Italy.”? It just sounds so much more chic and worldly to name-drop a European country instead of the corner retail clothing chain.

Oil & Vinegar Set from Emilia CeramicsWhen it comes time for your wedding gift registry, you might want to think out of the big box stores. Emilia Ceramics has one-of-a-kind ceramic works of art for your home, and a convenient online wedding gift registry. The handmade pieces from Italy, Spain, France and Mexico have unique but always cheery designs, like the Oil & Vinegar Set by artist Ceramiche Bartoloni. My favorite feature is the “View in Room” links, which allows you to see how an item will dress up an otherwise humdrum space.

The very best part? When someone compliments you on your impeccable taste in home decor, you can shrug and say, “Oh this? It’s from Italy.”—and actually mean it!