Think Outside The Wedding Cake

I have to confess I am personally not a huge fan of cake, so I love that more brides are moving away from serving a traditional wedding cake and offering more creative wedding desserts. I’ve attended a few “cakeless” weddings in the past year, and I really enjoyed how personal and unique these dessert presentations can be.

articles_altThe candy and chocolate buffet at my friend’s reception at The Monte Verde Inn in Gold Country was a huge success. All of the candies were in my friend’s pink and espresso wedding colors, and they were displayed in clear glass containers to add an extra splash of color. She even provided little monogrammed pouches for all the guests to stash their candy. The buffet looked amazing, and it was a big hit with the guests. There are so many variations you can do with this. Some people have done a cookie buffet, an ice cream sundae buffet or just a mixed pastry buffet.

To make your own candy buffet, go to one of these fun websites to get what you need:
Candy Favorites
Candy Warehouse
Groovy Candies
Hometown Favorites

Another idea that I loved was at a wedding I worked on with Maxine Andrew of Instead of You Coordination & Design. The bride and groom were both from huge Italian families and wanted to share some Italian culture with their guests, so they ordered cannolis from their favorite bakery for their wedding. It was their favorite dessert and a perfect way to share something special with their guests.

articles_altThe very best part about this idea was how it was presented: The guests were partying on the dance floor, and suddenly the music stopped, the lights went out and a drum roll started. Then, a spotlight turned on and followed a waitress holding a silver dessert tray. As a traditional Italian song came on, the waitress danced around the guests, weaving her way through the crowd to the bride and groom. She stopped, took a bow and served the couple their cannolis. After the bride and groom fed each other, the lights came back on and waiters entered the reception hall from all sides of the room with trays of cannolis and pass them around to all of the guests. The entire presentation took my breath away. I was lucky enough to have witnessed the entire thing from the balcony of The Bently Reserve, where I was cuing the lighting crew. It was so dramatic and the guests were enchanted.

I really think that some of the best parts of weddings are the individual touches that make them unique. Desserts are one idea, but personalizing a cocktail or sharing your favorite meal with your guests is another way to share something you love with your guests and make your wedding day even more special.

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