Suzie and Bob

As a former wedding coordinator, when I’m asked about the greatest wedding I’ve ever witnessed, I talk about Suzie and Bob.

Suzie and Bob’s wedding day just happened to coincide with one of the worst floods in Orange, California’s history. Only 30 of their 130 guests could even get to the church, and closed roads meant the caterer, photographer, and DJ were stranded as well. Nevertheless, the bride and groom decided to go on with the ceremony.

Savadelis FilmsSuzie’s limo arrived two hours after it was expected—a miracle in itself, considering where she began her journey! As I helped Suzie exit the car, a bicyclist rode by and sprayed mud all over her wedding dress. I started to lead her to the bathroom so she could freshen up, but Suzie just took my hands and smiled. “I’ve waited three years to marry this man,” she said. “I’m not waiting a minute longer.”

Bold as brass, Suzie walked up to the double doors and yelled, “Dad, come and get me.”
The guests all relaxed when they heard her voice and the bridesmaids, groomsmen, minister and groom quickly took their positions. Escorted by her father, Suzie proceeded silently towards the altar, muddy dress and all. When she arrived at the first pew with guests, the bride beamed and sincerely thanked her guests for coming.

Stephanie Brockman PhotographyThe most heartwarming moment came when Suzie got the first glimpse of her soon-to-be-husband. She turned to her guests and proclaimed, “I am the luckiest woman in the whole wide world!”

Suzie just got it. She knew that a wedding isn’t about the right dress or photographer; it’s about friends and family celebrating the joining of two people who were meant to be together. Bring this bit of wisdom to your wedding day, and you will truly have an unforgettable event.

P.S. Now, many years later, Suzie and Bob have three kids. When they talk about their wedding, they describe it as the most beautiful day of their lives.