Sugar Don’t Sparkle Like Diamonds

Searching for “The Ring” was a lot easier in your childhood fantasies, wasn’t it? You didn’t have to worry about the 4 Cs, diamond certifications, or insurance when you were slipping that Ring Pop on your finger and pretending it was the real deal.

Diamond Buying Guide from GIABut like every other major purchase made in your adult life, you may want to do some research before you plunk down your credit card. Reviewing this helpful resource on the GIA website might answer a lot of your diamond-related questions before you step into your first jewelry store. Don’t forget that jewelers who achieve certification by the Gemological Institute of America are definitely a (princess) cut above the rest, and who better to teach you about the 4 Cs than the institution that invented them in the first place?
Once you have the basics down and make your choice, rest assured that your real diamond ring will be much more fun than the candy variety. It may not taste like cherry or grape, but its sparkle lasts a whole heck of a lot longer. 

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Oct 13, 2008.
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