Smart Bridal Shower Games

Some years ago my sister asked me to throw a bridal shower for her. I was clueless. I knew she and her friends weren’t going to have much fun playing bridal bingo or trying to remember 20 objects on a tray (you’ve done that one, right?), so I copped out and we just had lunch. Nice, but not only was it lacking in panache, we missed out on a crucial bonding opportunity by skipping the bridal shower games.

WineParty Kit at SmartsCo.comEnter SmartsCo. You can easily pull together a snazzy wine tasting party with their WineParty kit—which includes cool wrappers to cover up the wine bottles, stem tags to keep track of everyone’s wine glasses, and a tip guide. They also have card games based on wine, chocolate and beer—giving you an excuse to turn indulgence into a bridal shower game. Now isn’t that better than playing with toilet paper?

And down the road, remember their BabySmarts game, so you won’t need to play the old game of identifying melted candy bars in diapers. (I don’t ever want to see Mr. Goodbar that way again. I’m begging you.)

p.s. Use promotion code TIMES to get a 25% discount.

Jennifer Posted by Jennifer on Jul 25, 2008.
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