Real (Simple) Weddings

Between Real Simple magazine and the tragically short-lived Blueprint, at least I can pretend to be hip and organized, right? I fell hard for Real Simple when I was still planning my wedding and getting ready to move in to my first post-“I do” apartment. I wanted to learn how to be a 21st century domestic goddess fast, and Real Simple gave me the practical tips and tricks for planning meals, cleaning and decorating….without assuming I had ample time to decoupage all my light switch plates or design my own microwave cozy. While I respect those who can do that stuff, I’m not one of them…and Real Simple seems to get that about my generation.

articles_altI can only imagine what the new Real Simple Weddings magazine, which officially launched this week, will be like—and what I’m imagining is pretty darn good. If you’ve managed to snag an early copy at Crate and Barrel, I’d love to hear what Real (Simple) Brides think of it.