Planning Tip: Inspiration Boards

articles_altA great way to collect your ideas while planning your wedding is to create an inspiration board. As you are making decisions it really helps to have a visual reminder of all your thoughts right in front of you. It can be a bulletin board, a piece of foam core, or you can create it on the computer in Photoshop or a layout program. Swatches, photos, even notes you’ve jotted down can be displayed all in one place, and changed around as you change your mind. You can also gather your wedding ideas on an online information organizer like Backpack as you go, so you don’t forget about that great color or that fabulous bouquet you saw yesterday.

Tip: Keep your inspiration board at home if you don’t want outside “help”. Displaying it on your office wall, for example, will undoubtedly invite suggestions from your coworkers!

I heard about this idea on a knitting podcast I was listening to. One of the designers, Liz Shaw, used several boards for her wedding: one for flowers, one for the dress she designed, and one for the colors and décor. A subsequent search online produced pages of sample digital wedding inspiration boards. I especially enjoyed the one called: Grey is the New Blonde:


Whether you are working with a wedding coordinator or doing everything yourself, an inspiration board is a wonderful way to keep all your wedding ideas organized as you plan.