Personal Expression

The great thing about weddings is, it’s all about personal style. Take wedding dresses, for example. A bridal gown is the ultimate way to express yourself on your wedding day, and each year brides flock to California bridal salons to seek out that one gown that makes them feel stylish and special.

articles_altBut then there is the bride who wants her dress to be a more individual expression. We’ve heard of creative women sewing their own gowns out of the fabric from their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown, or brides letting friends or family members make their dresses for them. In my opinion, Kathryn Ashley’s endeavor beats them all. Not only did she design her own Victorian-inspired gown, she’s knitting it herself out of thin silk yarn. And in case she gets chilly at her late summer outdoor wedding, there is also a matching shrug in the works.

articles_altWhy knit a wedding dress? As Kathryn says, “I needed a really big, daunting project!”. For those who do not knit, let me assure you this is no small undertaking. Kathryn’s wedding will be in September, and yes, it may take her that long to finish. If she loses track of time, though, don’t worry: smart woman that she is, Kathryn completed the most important pieces of the gown first, including the bodice (loosely-based on a corset pattern from Lace Style). At the moment her creation could pass for a mini-dress. You can follow the progress of Kathryn’s wedding dress at the Ewetopia Fiber Shop blog.

How far would you go to express yourself on your wedding day?