My First Legal Gay Wedding

I had the privilege of attending my first legal gay wedding on September 20, 2008 for my friends Dan Joraanstad & Bob Hermann. Since this was a same-sex wedding, I’d been especially curious about how my friends’ marriage ceremony would play out at the rather traditional Old First Presbyterian Church in San Francisco. I was delighted to see that the adorable (female) pastor at the church wholeheartedly blesses these unions.

Dan & Bob's Wedding at the Old First Presbyterian ChurchThroughout this charming and touching service, there was much laughter and wild applause from the gay contingent as well as us straight folk upon announcing the official union. Surrounded by the inspired Rose window architecture, the music from dual pipe organs and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (Dan is a singer in the chorus), I felt tears of joy for this momentous occasion streaking down my face. Looking around, I discovered that almost the entire congregation was moved to tears—or maybe it was relief at the fact that this couple could finally express love openly. This particular church believes that opening oneself to the creativity of music or artistic inspiration leads one to the divine. I love that concept.

Whatever it was that stirred my soul that day led me to think about societies that disallow some people to fully express that which is most vital to life: love. What if I couldn’t publicly express my love for my husband?

Thanks to Mark Rogers Photography for this darling photo, and to Dan and Bob for allowing me to share this most personal experience with our readers. You inspire us.