Marriage Prep 101

Sure, sex and money are still at the top of the couples quarrel list (right behind the nightly squabble over the remote). But according to a recent British study cited by couples’ counselors Drs. Michelle and Patrick Gannon, husbands and wives also get hoppin’ mad over issues concerning housework. There’s no easier way to build up resentment than mindlessly tossing used socks to the floor.

articles_altMy husband and I make up a typical “Odd Couple”—I like things neat and tidy, and he couldn’t care less. (It’s not uncommon for me to find a moldy coffee cup buried under his discarded note papers.) But we don’t fight about housework, because we took the time to sort out those murky boundaries before we wed: I would do it and he wouldn’t. Turns out my husband’s solution to his piggie-ness (“I’ll hire us a weekly maid, okay?”) was not only music to my orderly ears, but also right in line with the latest research: couples who hire professional help report being happier!

I imagine the good Drs. Gannon nodding at us in approval…In their acclaimed Marriage Prep 101 workshops, they recommend that couples brainstorm how they plan to take care of all the individual and shared responsibilities of running a home together. Quoth the docs: “The housework issue is very resolvable, especially if you consider fairness, play to your strengths and are sure to show appreciation for all that you both do!”

I’m ready for my foot massage, honey!