Love Note Ceremony

I recently attended a wedding that included a tradition I’d never seen before: a love note ceremony.

Before their wedding, the bride and groom both write a good old-fashioned love letter to each other, expressing in detail how they feel about their relationship. They’re not allowed to see the other’s letters or show them to anyone else. The letters are then sealed and given to the officiant at the ceremony, who locks them in a box with a bottle of good wine, creating a time capsule and emergency wedding kit in one. If the bride and groom ever feel that the marriage is in jeopardy, they’ll open the box, drink the wine, and read the letters together. This particular couple has agreed to open the box on their 25th wedding anniversary if they never feel a need to open it sooner.

I loved the idea. Marriage is by no means easy, and sometimes we’re so focused on romance we occasionally forget that very important fact. But wow: I didn’t realize how controversial the love note ceremony was until we got to the reception! Some agreed it was a sweet idea, but others felt it was too depressing to be included at a wedding. I think one guest said it best: “Why make everyone wonder if this marriage is going to last before the celebration’s even over?”

Wedding guests on both sides of the issue raised some valid points, and I’d like to keep the discussion going. What do you think about the love note ceremony?