Jewelry Is Art at Shibumi Gallery

I’m not one of those girls who has known what her dress, flowers, and wedding cake would be since I was 12 years old. But after visiting Shibumi Studio in Berkeley, I’ve come a huge step closer to knowing what kind of wedding ring I want.

Shibumi Gallery Engagement RingWhen I walked into April Higashi’s high-ceilinged studio on a Saturday afternoon, my tactile and visual senses were immediately awakened. From the metal jewelry cases sporting vertically-sliding doors crafted by her husband, to the tall table with earrings and necklaces displayed like miniature sculptures, you’ll immediately feel inspired to find your perfect ring. Imagine jewelry shopping in your favorite modern art museum! April’s desire to give her customers a low-key experience where they don’t feel the need to upgrade the metal or get a larger stone virtually erases the feeling of even being in a store.

Shibumi Gallery Wedding RingWhile I adore the simple, natural yet undeniably elegant look of the gallery’s jewelry, I must say what I love most about Shibumi is the fact that they use exclusively conflict-free raw and natural diamonds and gold. Their artwork makes a humanitarian statement that reflects your values as a couple. And aesthetically, this means that literally no piece can be the same as another, so your ring will be as unique as yourself, your story, your ceremony, and your future commitment.