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Weddings are the ultimate planning challenge: Getting the wedding dress, making—and revising!—the invite list, securing a reception location, booking the caterer, the photographer, floral designer…all while trying to squeeze in some time for a quick manicure and haircut before the big day so you look your best. Whew!
With all those responsibilities duking it out in your pretty little head, at least you have technology on your side. You’re certainly off to a good start using, but as you save, share & contact your favorite locations and services in one convenient place, you may wonder if there’s even more out there to help you tame that wild wedding.

iDo Wedding from Elm SoftwareDid you know there’s actually wedding software available to help you stay organized? Back in my wedding planning day (waaaaay back in 2002), we never had such a thing. iDo wedding software has features to enable you to take control of the guest list, wedding budget, and even track the gifts each guest gave you. Sounds like a dream come true at $29.95, but I’m wondering if it’s really helps. Who’s using iDo?

If you’re not using IDo, what other methods are you using to keep yourself organized?

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Nov 14, 2008.
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