Honeymoon Homework: Travel Etiquette

Honeymoons are a great excuse to visit a foreign country, but savvy Here Comes The Guide brides know they’ve gotta do a little homework on their destination’s customs and etiquette before they travel. Because we live to make your wedding planning as pain-free as possible, we were pleased to discover a helpful website that explains proper travel etiquette for exotic destinations all over the world

TravelEtiquette.co.ukEven though I’m not currently planning a trip, I found that the site has fascinating insights about different cultures. For example: Did you know that kissing your hubby’s cheek in public is taboo in India?

P.S.: For an outsider’s perspective on life in California, surfer dudes and valley girls might enjoy the section entitled, “How to Behave in California”!

Lisa Posted by Lisa on Jul 30, 2008.
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