Here Comes The Hot Shoes

In real life, you may run around in Crocs or Adidas, but for the wedding aisle, you want to dress your tootsies to the nines. Wedding accessory boutique Perfect Details (in Santa Cruz and online) has your feet covered…beautifully.

Zenith Blue Bridal Shoes at Perfect DetailsAnd they’ve just added some hot new wedding shoes to their inventory. Most memorable has got to be these fabulous stilettos, a less expensive interpretation of the infamous blue Manolo Blahnik shoes made famous by our favorite heroine, Carrie Bradshaw, in the Sex & The City movie. “Of course these babies don’t have the $950 price tag!” reminds Perfect Details’ accessory diva Lisa Levine. “Also the heel is a little bit lower, and there’s a padded toe box for your wedding comfort.”

Even me, Flip-Flop Girl, wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of lustrous blue satin heels adorned with a showy crystal buckle. Sure, they’re also available in ivory—but why not be Bold and Blue-tiful?