Here Comes The Bride

A good friend of mine recently went to Mexico to begin the planning process for her daughter’s destination wedding. While she was there, she heard a fantastic story I just had to share.
At a recent wedding in San Pancho, Mexico, guests were gathered, awaiting the ceremony. A mariachi band was playing in traditional Mexican style. When the bride appeared, the musicians changed their tune with with fanfare. But instead of ‘Here Comes The Bride,’ the band unexpectedly began to play ‘Happy Birthday!’

North Tahoe Conference CenterObviously, the couple had some communication problems with their entertainment company. Luckily, the bride was a good sport and marched down the aisle to a very unusual processional! She’ll have a great story to tell for years to come.

The take-home lesson? Unless you like surprises, make sure that what you want for your wedding is clearly communicated—especially when there are language barriers! Even better, get everything in writing and have the contract translated by a trusted source.

Sharon Carl Posted by Sharon Carl on Feb 27, 2009.
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