Halloween Hot Shots

Northern California photographer Jennifer Baccioco’s latest triumph is the cover of our upcoming Southern California edition of Here Comes The Guide. Her romantic, photo-journalistic style is perfect for our baby blue and chocolate brown design, due to hit the shelves by January 1, 2008!


And in case you’re critter crazy like me and wouldn’t dream of walking down the aisle without Fido or Fifi in attendance, take note—Jennifer is extremely adept at working with animals of all kinds.

Case in point: While browsing her site, I came across one of Jennifer’s more, uhh, exotic accomplishments: A cavalcade of cute costumed cavies in a creative calendar. (Cool!)


For the uninitiated, cavy=guinea pig, and we’ve got three of these clever cuties in our home. They’re always in the Harrington holiday photo cards (along with the assorted dogs and occasional cat). No mean photographic feat, that.

So kudos to Jennifer! (And she thought photographing tipsy bridesmaids was a challenge!)

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Oct 31, 2007.
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