Gussied Up Guest Books

It’s one of the first elements that greet your wedding guests—the guest book, where they’ll inscribe their name, address (for those thank-you cards!) and loving sentiments. Texting may have replaced snail mail in casual communication, but such graceful traditions as the wedding guest book still have their time-honored place.

Victorian-era beaded guest books from PerfectDetails.comSure, you can grab something cheap at the local stationery store. But when you’ve gone to so much trouble with every other detail of the wedding, why not welcome friends and family with panache? Perfect Details online shop boasts a huge selection of guest books in a range of colors and styles.

We love the Victorian-era beaded guest books, like the one in antique gold silk with chocolate and turquoise trim that’s reminiscent of an exotic peacock. Other retro beauties include the Great Gatsby books, which boast a dazzling band of rhinestones and platinum beads. Add ethnic flair with the Cherry Blossom, decked out with a bold Thai silk band and ribbon. Contemporary selections include the dupioni silk book glammed up with a removable silver and crystal brooch. Coordinating pen stands and other accessories tie the entire look together.
Cherry Blossom Guest Book from Perfect Details

Another reason to choose carefully: Your book makes a gorgeous keepsake to brighten up your book shelf or coffee table, a constant reminder of your wedding day!