Father Daughter Dance

I was on the phone today with one of our favorite DJs, Strawberry Fields DJ Company. They were telling me about a recent wedding, where the bride put a spin on the traditional father-daughter dance: Instead of having everyone simply focus on her and her dad, about 30 seconds into the song she invited all fathers and daughters to join them on the dance floor. The guests were delighted to take part in the moment.

articles_altWhat a sweet idea! My friends always invite my dad to their weddings, and I know he would love the chance for the two of us to share in the spotlight.

Useful Tip: I get questions from my brides about which songs are best for the traditional father-daughter dance. I give my brides iVillage’s list of the old standbys, but I must admit, a few of the tunes are a bit cheesy. I like some of the suggestions at Offbeat Bride, and if anyone has other recommendations, let me know!

Denise Posted by Denise on Mar 05, 2008.
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