Extraterrestrial Diamonds?

It’s not science fiction…some diamonds do come from outer space. Black diamonds are believed to be formed in the heavens before hitching a ride to earth along with falling stars. Also called “carbonados,” these celestial jewels have a mystical beauty well-suited for fairytale romance.

Lovence Signature Black DiamondMaybe that’s why the distinguished jewelers at Lovence Fine Jewellery have chosen the rare black diamond as their signature. Every Lovence ring bears a .02 carat black diamond hidden inside the band, marking it for authenticity and originality. They choose only the finest black diamonds from Central Africa or Brazil (and yes, all Lovence diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free).

Lovence Engagement RingYou can order Lovence engagement rings securely online, backed by a money-back guarantee. Each piece is individually numbered, hallmarked, and registered to the owner. (Feel free to create your own sci-fi fantasy about your tiny black diamond, though.)

Jolene Posted by Jolene on Dec 10, 2008.
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