Engagement Rings for Men

When a man decides to commit, he drops a healthy portion of his nest egg on a sparkly engagement ring. But what does he get in return, besides that meaningful “yes” from the love of his life? Nada. Call me crazy, but has anyone else noticed that men get the raw end of the deal here? Not to mention the fact that it seems a little hypocritical that a woman gets “marked” as betrothed while the man’s fingers get to stay bare until the wedding day!

Rose Gold RingWhen I got engaged, I marked my own territory, if you will, by getting my husband-to-be a ring for his left ring finger, too. Nothing fancy, because that’s not his style, but I know that small gesture made us both feel that this engagement thing was a two-way street—which, if you think about it, can only be a good thing for your relationship.

If you’re thinking of staking your claim on your future husband in a similar fashion, Etsy has some unique options. This rose gold ring with a tiny engraved heart seems like a manly way to display his love until the wedding day. He can either show the heart to the world, or turn it palm-side as a private secret between the two of you. Or if hearts aren’t his style, Shibumi Gallery’s bound to have some unconventional choices for this unconventional gift.

As for post-wedding protocol:
Since this isn’t a popular part of the engagement ritual (yet!), there are no hard-and-fast rules here. My husband moved his “engagement band” to his right hand after the wedding, but your man might opt to stack his rings on his left hand, or string the engagement piece on a chain and wear it around his neck.

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