Easy Tip for Packing Your Shoes

You’ve probably registered for some high-quality linens, right? Well, when you unwrap those pretty 400-thread count sateen cotton sheets or your goose-down duvet, you’ll notice they come in thick plastic zipper bags.

Save the bags. Then when you pack for your honeymoon or other romantic weekend getaways, use these bags to stash your shoes! That way, the rest of your clothes will stay clean.

How To Pack Shoes for Your HoneymoonI’ve got a collection of these handy plastic bags—an extra large one that’s perfect for my cowboy boots, and a petite size that works for my beach sandals. Note: If you’ve got an Imelda Marcos-sized shoe collection, you’ll really only need to bring a few pairs along with you. Remember, shoes are some of the heaviest items in your suitcase, so less is more.

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