Dressed To Kill

It’s not every fashion designer whose collection, studio and name are featured in a successful TV show…but then, Hanna Hartnell has always been known for her star quality. This warm, creative style-maven spent years dressing Oscar nominees and fashion connoisseurs before the recent launch of her couture wedding collection. Now Hanna is experiencing fame of a different sort.


In the upcoming November 4th episode of the CBS crime drama, “Shark,” award-winning actor James Woods tracks the murderer of a successful fashion designer…named Hanna. The director/producer had been to her Santa Monica studio a couple of years back, and it obviously made an impression. When the current episode came across his desk, he asked her if he could film some scenes there. When the director and crew arrived to scout the location, everyone went wild over her glam gowns, and they decided to use them in the episode’s fashion show sequence. (Though Hanna has plenty of white wedding dresses, she’s also known for her lovely destination and formal wear—perfect for MOBs, bridesmaids…and TV supermodels strutting their stuff.)

“Then someone had the idea of using my name as the fashion designer who gets whacked,” reveals Hanna. “Of course I said yes!” (She’s a real good sport.)

Hanna is thrilled to have her collection paraded down a prime time runway, but there is one inauthentic detail that seems to annoy her just a tad. “The actress that plays me is 22 years old.” Welcome to Hollywood, old girl!

articles_altSee more of Hanna Hartnell’s to-die-for gowns in her “Ode to Adventurous Women” 2008 photo calendar. Not just a way to keep track of important dates, the calendar is a South-of-the-Border fashion adventure that showcases Hanna’s dramatic dresses, perfect for that honeymoon in Cancun or a spicy event closer to home. The vibrant, fluid motion of her collection will have you longing for a sun-kissed beach, a margarita and a romantic interlude. (Hmmmm, makes me want to cash in my Frequent Flyer miles for a week in Cabo…like, right now!)

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