DIY Wedding Centerpiece, Miniature Version

Wondering how to decorate your cocktail tables for your wedding’s social hour? Those cute, high rounds are great for parking your mojito, but usually too petite for an overwrought floral centerpiece…

Jolene at The Ritz-Carlton Marina Del ReySaw a super simple DIY solution while hanging out on the harborside terrace at The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey: First, take your average votive holder (available at the 99cent store near you). Next, take one Gerber daisy in the color of your choice. Cut the stem to 2 inches. Place in the votive holder (with water, of course)… voilà! Instant small-but-mighty cocktail-table décor!

For extra pizzazz, dress the table with a vibrant linen overlay in either a contrasting or coordinating shade, depending on your mood. Wildflower Linen, with showrooms in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, has some imaginative choices.

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