Clean & Green Registry Picks

Brides often forget to add a few essential items with smaller price tags to their registry lists, but including these items is a courtesy to the guests who have already contributed a lot to your wedding (hello Maids of Honor and in-laws!), or younger family members who don’t want to add their names to their parents’ gifts. I was reminded of this when I made my semi-routine visit to Williams-Sonoma a few weeks ago.

Chocolate Ladybugs & Bees from Williams-SonomaWhen it’s time for me to get married, Williams-Sonoma will be a registry must. I love cooking, prettifying my home, and, frankly, I love the little luxuries that I may not need but almost always make my day brighter, like lady bugs and bees made of dark chocolate.

Ruby Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang soap from Williams-SonomaDuring my visit I discovered their new Pure and Green Collection: A batch of soaps, lotions and cleaners made with essential oils and natural cleansing ingredients that don’t hurt the environment. I fell for the Ruby Grapefruit Ylang Ylang scent, and opted for the room spray and self-foaming hand soap. After two weeks, I must say these products are as effective as they are gentle, and the fragrances are truly natural, as promised.

When you’re wrapped up in the pre-wedding planning frenzy, it might be hard to remember to include these simple indulgences for your new home. But trust me: as you use the products after a stressful day, you may find more joy out of them than that crock pot you still haven’t touched.

Julia Posted by Julia on Jul 01, 2008.
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